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Duco one of our favourite finish

A 'Duco' a trending finish in the Interior Industry. We have been familiar with this term for over the years and also it has gained popularity in the Indian design industry with each passing year.

We shall observe the presence of this polish on walls, furnitures etc and primarily in the styles of interior design i.e., Eclectic & Art Deco.

What is so interesting about the polish ?

It gives us a flawless finish and we can always play with some patterns on the surfaces. Plethora of color options to create any mood.

Is it worth the cost ?

It isn't an economic option but it's worth the amount. It ranges between 200 - 275 rs/per sqft

Easy to maintain ?

It is a high maintainance polish, but on the contrary it is also one of the strongest finishes which can withstand extreme temperatures, hence very commonly applied in kitchens, window panes etc.

Duco one of our favourite finish too !!